The Family Tree

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Favorite Beer –
Fun while not working –
Favorite music –
Fun Fact –
Favorite movie –

Favorite Beer – NE IPA’s
Fun while not working – Walking Cats in Strollers, Scooter’ing, Anything outdoors and hitting up wine/beer trails
Favorite music – Jam Band and big Dave Matthews fan
Fun Fact – I’ve trained a squirrel monkeys and a sloth!  I can also do the WORM
Favorite movie – Anything that messes with my mental state after watching (and the Grinch)

Favorite Beer – Any craft minus sours/IPA
Fun while not working – Golf/Brewing/Shooting
Favorite music – Jerry…ah…Jerry
Fun Fact – Played Henry Clay Frick as a kid, could have
been in Night of the Living Dead – Parents said NO
Favorite movie – Classic comedies – Caddyshack, etc

Favorite Beer – NE IPA
Fun while not working – BBQ/cooking and traveling
Favorite music – Zac Brown Band
Fun Fact – Favorite TV show is The Blacklist

Favorite Beer – NE IPA/ Porters
Fun while not working – Wrenching on cars, road tripping to new breweries and wineries, boating/ jet skiing on Canandaigua lake
Favorite music – Dave Matthews Band/ Eminem
Fun Fact – Hard split between Fast and the Furious Series or the Harry Potter Series

Favorite Beer –
Fun while not working –
Favorite music –
Fun Fact –
Favorite movie-


Favorite Beer – American Lagers/Porters
Fun while not working – Kayaking, Dog Hikes
Fun Fact – Obsessed with ANYTHING coffee!!
Favorite movie- Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Beer – NE IPA
Fun while not working – Family time/making music
Favorite music – Blues/80’s metal
Fun Fact – I can shimmy a tree like a Polynesian harvesting

Favorite Beer – NE IPA – our Mango Chile IPA
Fun while not working – Family time/cycle rides/playing music
Favorite music – Pearl Jam/Chris Cornell/Shinedown
Fun Fact – Becoming a lead singer started because of Rock Band
and my best friend hearing me sing Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden
Favorite movie – Tough call. If Rudy or Forrest Gump is on, I wont change
the channel

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